Transducers for foldl folds.

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BSD3 licensed by Daniel Diaz

What's in this library?

Stateful transducers and streaming-preserving group operations for the folds in Gabriel Gonzalez's foldl package.

When to use this library?

  • When you want to wrap a stateful decoder over a Fold. An example is decoding UTF-8: the decoder must be stateful because a multi-byte character may have been split across two blocks of bytes.

  • When you want to tweak the stream of data that arrives into a Fold, but only at certain positions. Stripping whitespace at the beginning of a text stream, for example.

  • When you want to perform group operations without breaking "streaminess", similar to what pipes-group does.

Why use this library for grouping instead of pipes-group?

Grouping fold-side instead of producer-side has the advantage that, since the results are still Folds, you can combine them using Applicative.

Also, Folds can work with sources other than Producers from pipes.

Grouping fold-side has limitations as well:

  • You can't perform bracketing operations like "withFile" that span the folding of an entire group. pipes-group allows them.

  • You have more flexibility in pipes-group to decide how to delimit and fold the next group based on previous results.

Where can I find working examples for this library?

In the examples folder of the repo.



- Removed upper bounds in dependencies.


- Before, splitters always found at least one group, even for empty streams.
Now, no groups are found for empty streams.
- Made some type signatures a bit more strict.
- Eliminated previously deprecated functions and modules.


- Added "sections" splitter.
- Deprecated Control.Foldl.Transduce.Textual


- Deprecated Control.Foldl.Transduce.ByteString.IO
- Added Control.Foldl.Transduce.ByteString
- Added "paragraphs" splitter.


- added split


- deprecated quiesceWith
- added Fallible.


- deprecated splitWhen in favor of break
- deprecated textualSplitWhen in favor of textualBreak


- Added "trip" fold.
- Added Control.Foldl.Transduce.Textual.


- Added module Control.Foldl.Transduce.ByteString.IO, to
avoid having to depend on other packages for simple I/O tasks.
- Added "unit" fold.


- Changed order of parameters for groups' and groupsM'. Hopefully the new one
is clearer.
- It was annoying to use "evenly (transduce ...)" every time. Added new
ToTransductions' typeclass for types that can be converted to an infinite
list of transductions.
- Added ToFold typeclass as well.


- Transducers can now delimit segments in the done function, too.
This was required for transducers like surround to work as splitters.
- Strengthened the constraints on the surround function to Traversable.
- Added dependency on free and monoid-subclasses.
- group functions can now treat each group differently.
- Added ignore, splitAt, splitWhen, splitLast
- removed drop, take... use splitAt, splitWhen + bisect.
- Added bisect, evenly convenience functions.


- Comonad and Extend instances for Transducer
- Added words splitter
- Added take, drop, takeWhile, dropWhile transducers


- Removed the Spliiter type. Now it's transducers for everything!
- generalizeTransducer -> _generalize
- simplifyTransducer -> _simplify
- removed chokepoint and chokepointM


- Added explicit bifunctors dependency.
- Added Transduce', TransduceM' type synonyms.
- Added groups', groupsM'.


- Changed signatures of transduce' and transduceM'.
- generalize' -> generalizeTransducer
- simplify' -> simplifyTransducer
- dropped direct profunctors dependency.
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