Toolset for Folger Shakespeare Library's XML annotated plays

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GPL-3 licensed by Uma Zalakain
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This library parses the TEI-encoded Shakespeare plays published by the Folger Shakespeare Library. It also demonstrates different use cases for stage data by providing some example applications.

You can download individual plays here and the complete set here.

The toolset can be installed using cabal or stack:

cabal install folgerhs
stack install folgerhs

Once installed, it can be used as a library (documentation needs yet to be written) or as an application.

Stage animation

The current speaker is surrounded by a white border, arrows going up represent characters leaving the stage, arrows going down represent characters entering it. The animation can be stopped using the space bar, you can advance it by using the right arrow and rewind it using the left one.

$ folgerhs animate TN.xml

Part of Twelfth Night

Per-line character presence

With characters as columns and lines as rows, a line-by-line breakdown of speakers and characters on stage.

$ folgerhs presence R2.xml --without-unnamed | head -n 2

Per-character speech ratio

$ folgerhs speakers Rom.xml | head -n 5
19.38%   Romeo
14.03%   Juliet
10.70%   Nurse
7.49%    Benvolio
7.37%    Mercutio
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