Paper soccer, an OpenGL game.

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GPL licensed by Bartosz Wójcik
Maintained by none
1. The game has been described in WIKIPEDIA under 'Paper Soccer'. Please refer to there in order to learn rules.
Rules of this game can be completed by simply rule. Player who does the move that finishes because there is no further available move left, loses only half a point.
Size of the court can be defined almost without limits, but as first option size $8 \times 8$ has been chosen.

2. Install Foo

2.1 Install GHC
First install Haskell compiler. I've used GHC only. You can find it here: Follow installing instructions there. The newest installation contains required GLUT and OpenGL Libraries.

2.2 Compile sources
Download sources to separate directory and compile there using following command
ghc --make -package GLUT PlayFoo.hs -O -fvia-C -cpp -o PlayFoo
This works assuming you have direct acess to GHC compiler.
Depends on 5 packages:
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