Draw Newton, Julia and Mandelbrot fractals

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BSD3 licensed by Max Rabkin
Maintained by
The fractal program generates Newton, Julia and Mandelbrot fractals. Output is
to standard output in PGM (Portable Graymap) format. There is currently no
support for colour. I suggest using a general-purpose image editor such as the
GIMP to adjust brightness levels and add colour.

Fractal accepts the following options:

-s SCALE --scale=SCALE scale 1 unit to SCALE pixels
--ll=X,Y, --lower-left=X,Y set lower left of viewport to X,Y
--tr=X,Y, --upper-right=X,Y set upper right of viewport to X,Y
-m --mandelbrot render the Mandelbrot set
-j X,Y --julia=X,Y render the Julia set at X,Y
-n X1,Y1:X2,Y2;... --newton=X1,Y1:X2,Y2;... render the Newton fractal for a polynomial with roots at X1,Y1, X2,Y2, ...

(Newton fractals for functions other than polynomials are supported by the
underlying code, but there is currently no way to specify them on the command
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