A 3-D First Person Shooter Game

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LicenseRef-GPL licensed by Mun Hon Cheong
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Author: Mun Hon Cheong (

Program: Frag - a FPS i put together using Haskell and with Yampa

Year: 2005, 2007-8

License: GPL

Usage: $ frag leveleg

'leveleg' can be an arbitrary Quake III Arena level; a default level is provided in this package, and is installed in 'share/frag-1.1', wherever that is. For example, if it's installed into ~/bin, and frag occupies ~/bin/frag, a successful invocation might be 'frag ../share/frag-1.1/leveleg'.

Requirements: A graphics card with support for multitexturing and vertex arrays

ghc --make -O2 -fglasgow-exts main.hs
runhaskell Setup configure --user --prefix=/home/foo
runhaskell Setup build
runhaskell Setup install

Controls: mouse moves around the view, 'w'\'a'\'s'\'d' to move and strafe, 'e to jump, 'z' and 'x' to lock and unlock the mouse, left click to fire.


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