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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Fumiaki Kinoshita
Maintained by Fumiaki Kinoshita

free-game defines a monad that integrates features to create 2D games.

Twitter: #hs_free_game



  • Added mouseScroll
  • Fixed the malfunction of FPS management


  • Exported clipBitmap


  • Added mouseInWindow


  • Use Box instead of drab BoundingBox


  • No fundamental changes


  • Fixed some potential bugs that appeared on 7.8.1 RC2
  • Added getBoundingBox and setBoundingBox which accesses the window size and the region to draw.
  • Resizable, the new constructor of WindowMode, will create a resizable window.
  • Demoted the precedence of thickness and blendMode according to other APIs.


  • Added runGameDefault as an alternative of classic runGame def.
  • Removed the duplicate instance of MonadIO.
  • free-game no longer depends on ominous repa.
  • Reconstructed ‘FreeGame.Data.Bitmap’. ‘Bitmap’ is just an alias of Codec.Picture.Repa.Image PixelRGBA8
  • Added bitmapOnce which does not keep the internal texture to draw.
  • Added forkFrame analogous to forkIO.
  • Accelerate text rendering.
  • Make the window size solid.


  • Supported changing a blend function. blendMode mode m changes the blend mode while m is running.
  • Fixed fatal ‘keyPress’-related bugs.
  • Special thanks: @myuon_myon
  • Re-added keyChar and keySpecial.


  • Demoted the precedence of Affine APIs to 5.


  • Supported free-4.4.
  • Supported GLFW-b-1.3.
  • Use Double instead of Float.
  • Made it more efficient.
  • loadBitmaps takes an expression instead of a Name.
  • Reorganized typeclasses.
  • Rename: fromBitmap -> bitmap
  • Rename: colored -> color
  • New API: takeScreenshot
  • New API: getFPS, setFPS
  • Now the verbose module prefix Graphics.UI is extinct.
  • And a bunch of renovations…
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