Finite state machines and FSM actions http://projects.haskell.org/fsmActions/

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Andy Gimblett

This is a library for representing and manipulating finite state
machines (FSMs) in Haskell, with an emphasis on computing the effects
of sequences of transitions across entire machines (which we call
actions), and in particular investigating action equivalences between
such sequences.

The motivation for writing this library is investigating models of
user interfaces; in this context, states are implicit, transitions
correspond to UI events (e.g. button presses), and sequences of
transitions correspond to sequences of user actions. We're interested
in comparing actions, which are the effects of sequences of
transitions across the whole device (for example, noticing when some
action is in fact an undo); for that we need a representation geared
towards such comparisons -- hence this library, and its idiosyncratic
view of FSMs.

See doc/fsmActions.pdf for more information.
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