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BSD3 licensed by Duncan Coutts
Maintained by Duncan Coutts

An in-memory full text search engine library. It lets you run full-text queries on a collection of your documents.


  • Keyword queries and auto-complete/auto-suggest queries.

  • Can search over any type of "document". (You explain how to extract search terms from them.)

  • Supports documents with multiple fields (e.g. title, body)

  • Supports documents with non-term features (e.g. quality score, page rank)

  • Uses the state of the art BM25F ranking function

  • Adjustable ranking parameters (including field weights and non-term feature scores)

  • In-memory but quite compact. It does not keep a copy of your original documents.

  • Quick incremental index updates, making it possible to keep your text search in-sync with your data.

It is independent of the document type, so you have to write the document-specific parts: extracting search terms and any stop words, case-normalisation or stemming. This is quite easy using libraries such as tokenize and snowball.

The source package includes a demo to illustrate how to use the library. The demo is a simplified version of how the library is used in the hackage-server where it provides the backend for the package search feature.

Changes Mikolaj Konarski <mikolaj@well-typed.com> August 2017
* Compatibility with GHC 8.0.2 and new package versions (no API changes) Duncan Coutts <duncan@well-typed.com> May 2015
* Compatibility with GHC 7.10 (no API changes) Adam Gundry <adam@well-typed.com> July 2014
* Compatibility with GHC 7.8 (no API changes) Duncan Coutts <duncan@well-typed.com> May 2014
* Fix for NaN scores with a doc field that is empty for all docs
* Add instance Show NoFeatures Duncan Coutts <duncan@well-typed.com> March 2014
* Add auto-complete / auto-suggest feature
* Add demo program
* Moved QC props into a separate test suite
* Work sponsored by IRIS Connect Ltd. Duncan Coutts <duncan@well-typed.com> Feb 2014
* Initial version as a separate library Duncan Coutts <duncan@community.haskell.org> Nov 2013
* Add "explain" mode for query
* Add non-term feature scores Duncan Coutts <duncan@community.haskell.org> Sept 2013
* Fix bug in index update (thanks to Matthew Gruen) Duncan Coutts <duncan@community.haskell.org> July 2013
* Initial version (included in hackage-server)

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