Report events to FunBot over a JSON/HTTP API.

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PublicDomain licensed by fr33domlover


This is a Haskell library for reporting events to a running instance of FunBot, so that the bot can announce the event to IRC. For example, if you are writing a paste server, you can add support for IRC announcments of new pastes by reporting the paste to a running bot.

See the .cabal file for more info and link to project website and version control.

The official download location is the Git repository:

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See the file INSTALL for hints on installation. The file ChangeLog explains how to see the history log of the changes done in the code. NEWS provides a friendly overview of the changes for each release.

Bug and Patches

See here.


If you have a local clone of the repository, you can see a detailed list of
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$ git log

There is also a web interface in NotABug which can display commit history.
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