funnyPrint function to colorize GHCi output.

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MIT licensed
Maintained by Yuriy Pitomets


funnyPrint function to colorize GHCi output.

see FunnyPrint.funnyPrintC and FunnyPrint.funnyPrint.

Use it as :set -interactive-print=funnyPrint.

  • XTerm colors
  • UTF8 output
  • Simple indentation

Customize GHCi prompt in right way

see FunnyPrint.prompt and FunnyPrint.prompt2.

Usage example

You may use it like this:

:set -package funnyprint

:def color (\_ -> return (":set -interactive-print=FunnyPrint.funnyPrintC\n:set prompt \"" ++ FunnyPrint.prompt "λ " "%s" " ¬\\nλ > " ++ "\"" ++ "\n:set prompt2 \"" ++ FunnyPrint.prompt2 "λ" "" " | " ++ "\""))
:def nocolor (\_ -> return ":set -interactive-print=print\n:set prompt \"%s> \"\n:set prompt2 \"%s| \"")



  • replace ipprint with stylish-haskell


Change log

funnyprint uses Semantic Versioning. The change log is available through the releases on GitHub.

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