A theorem prover for propositional logic that uses G4ip https://github.com/cacay/G4ip

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MIT licensed by Josh Acay
Maintained by coskuacay@gmail.com


Implementation of a theorem prover for propositional logic using G4ip in Haskell.

File Structure

  • G4ip/Proposition.hs -- Definition of propositions and some syntactic sugar
  • G4ip/Decider.hs -- The actual theorem prover (decider?)
  • G4ip/Tester.hs -- For defining and running tests
  • G4ip/TestMain.hs -- Actually runs the default test suite

Testing Manually

  • Startup ghci
  • Load Main.hs by typing :l Main
  • Use decide prop to see if prop is provable.

You can use T, F, /\, \/, ==>, <==, <=>, neg, and () with their usual meanings to form propositions. To form an atom, either use Atom "name" or use one of the predefined atoms: a, b, c, d, e, or f. Here is an example:

decide $ (neg b ==> neg a) ==> (a ==> b) \/ (a \/ a ==> a)

which prints True as expected ($ if for associativity, you can use parenthesis if you want).


Email me at coskuacay@gmail.com for any questions.

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