stringly-named getters for generic data

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BSD3 licensed by Greg Horn


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Get a Tree or list of (String, a -> Double) pairs for use in plotting

See the tests for usage.


  • bugfix diffDTree

  • add diffDTree

  • spatial-math. compatability

  • Split Datatype/Constructor/Field more cleanly.
  • Add support for Enums with no fields.
  • Add a dynamic representation for dynamic updating.

  • Add tuple instances

  • Use lenses intead of hand-rolled Getter/Setters
  • add describeField function
  • add sameFieldType function


  • add version of flatten which returns name as [String]


  • Revive convenience show functions
  • Ints and Bools are no longer shown as floats


  • Fix setters

0.2 (broken, do not use)

  • Add setters
  • Make getters support more types than Double


  • Initial release (moved from Plot-ho-matic repo)
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