colored pretty-printing within ghci

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MIT licensed by Lars Kuhtz
Maintained by Lars Kuhtz

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A tiny package that combines the ipprint package and the hscolour package to provide colored pretty-printing in ghci.

Here is all the code from this package:

module IPPrint.Colored
( cpprint
) where

import IPPrint
import Language.Haskell.HsColour
import Language.Haskell.HsColour.Colourise
import Language.Haskell.HsColour.Output

cpprint :: Show a => a -> IO ()
cpprint = putStrLn . hscolour (TTYg XTerm256Compatible) defaultColourPrefs False False "" False . pshow


cabal update
cabal install ghci-pretty

Add the following lines to your ghci.conf file:

-- Pretty printing of it
import IPPrint.Colored
:set -interactive-print=IPPrint.Colored.cpprint
:def cp (\_ -> return ":set -interactive-print=IPPrint.Colored.cpprint")
:def ncp (\_ -> return ":set -interactive-print=print")

Now you can enable colored pretty-printing in ghci with the commmand


The following command turns colored pretty-printing off again

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