Interactive Haskell interpreter in a browser.

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BSD3 licensed by Shae Erisson


Google Summer of Code 2012 project, GHCi for the web


Chrome 21.x Firefox 14.x

Does not work with Firefox 10

Quick start installation

git clone && cd ghclive && cabal install && ghclive then point your browser to http://localhost:3000

Here's some source code to paste into the editor buffer:

import Diagrams.Prelude
import Prelude
import Network.Web.GHCLive.Display

hilbert = iterate expand mempty where
  expand t = alignBL $ hcat [u, hrule 1, reflectX u] where
             u = vcat [t, vrule 1, rotateBy (3/4) t]

ex = pad 1.1 . centerXY . lw 0.05 $ hilbert!!5

then type ex in the Haskell expression buffer and hit enter!


The prototypes subdirectory contains several quick hacks demonstrating various concepts.

  • hintdownloadexecute is hint's example.hs modified to download and execute Demo.main from .
  • scottywebexecute is the basic.hs example from scotty modified only slightly to prove to myself that I understand the code.
  • hintdownloadexecute is the front end from modified to have scotty and hint as a backend instead of calling
  • scottyjsonclock was a quick refresher for how AJAX works in Haskell.
  • hintpostexecute uses all the previous prototypes to give a very basic ghci in the browser with Main.hs loaded from any http URL
  • jqueryconsole extends the above prototypes to use Chris Done‘s jquery-console as famously seen in, giving a more GHCi-like result
  • jqueryraw is much simpler in that it uses jquery but not jquery-console.
  • svgdemo demonstrates SVG being returned from diagrams
  • multimport takes any number of imports from a textbox. Each line is either the http address of a file to load, or a module name to bring in scope (Data.Char).
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