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Moving to a new position

When you decide that the current branch needs to use a different hash and content, currently you need to reset --hard to the new position.

However, reset --hard has the annoying side-effect of deleting any outstanding work.

It would be nice to be able to jump the tip of the current branch to a new position and update the working tree, as long as there's no overlap between files changed in the working tree and in the diff to the remote location.

Just type:

git-jump <refspec>

To jump to the new location.

Updating a local tracking branch with no local commits

When you have a local branch that is tracking a remote branch (and has no local commits) that was rebased, you would have to reset --hard to the remote location. This requires typing out the name of the upstream branch (or "@{u}" at least), and as usual, loses any uncommitted changes.

Just type:


With no parameters, and it will jump to the upstream location, taking any uncommitted changes on top.

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