Tiny cli to fetch PR info from gitlab

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BSD3 licensed by goromlagche

gli [WIP]

Goal is to fetch PR info etc.


  1. stack setup
  2. stack build
  3. stack exec which gli to get the binary path
  4. alias gli=binary_path


  1. Store the gitlab credentials on a file locally. (e.g. ~/.gli.yml)

sample file ` accounts: my_hosted_gitlab: key: abcd1234xyz url: gitlab: key: xyz4321dcba url: ` You can get the credentials from

  1. Setup gli for a git repo

This will create a repo specific gli.yml file, which will store all the information regarding the repo, and will also be checked out from git.

` $ cd my_gitlab_repo_path $ gli setup -f ~/.gli.yml $ cat gli.yml project: ssh_url_to_repo: name: repo_name id: 123 description: 'killer app 42' masterFileConfig: key: gitlab file: /Users/goromlagche/.gli.yml `

  1. Fetch all open PR related info

` $ gli prs `

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