Library enabling unique top-level declarations

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Byron James Johnson

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Quality note: In late 2014, I found this repository on my hard drive from 2011. I’m surprised and don’t remember why I never uploaded this to Hackage. As a relatively inexperienced 16-year-old with at most 2 years of functional programming experience (with much more procedural programming experience), I wrote Haskell code in a way that I now expect to be capable of rewriting with something of much better quality. But I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the documentation, taking into account my memory of my past self. Quality-wise, it seems better than a few other projects I wrote at around the same time, e.g. monad-state, although that was 6-12 months earlier.

I’ve since converted the repository to git and uploaded it to github. I’ve patched it up so that it builds, but nothing more yet (sans a few minor cleanups here and there, largely just in the cabal file, that I’m applying to each of my old projects I found).

Contributions, feedback, and constructive criticism are welcome.



  • Add instances to UDEmpty.

  • Add homepage and bug-reports to cabal file, linking to the github repository and its issue tracker, respectively.

  • Revise synopsis, because “Haskell2010 compatible” suggests that both the package and its dependencies don’t require extensions, which is false. Apologies for the misinformation!

  • Support for template-haskell-
  • Drop support for Control.Concurrent.SampleVar, which is first removed in base- This entails a major API change, so one of the first two components is incremented.
  • Replace syntax-trees dependency with fork called syntax-trees-fork-bairyn that is able to be built.
  • Added
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