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BSD3 licensed by Paolo Martini, Philip K.F. Hölzenspies
Maintained by none
GOA ~~ GHCi On Acid

This set of tools is an attempt to bring the wonderful world of lambdabot
commands to the GHC interpreter for ease of use.

The set of commands carefully developed in lambdabot during the years has
become a very useful tool for haskellers. For some it is like an addiction.


-- Add the path to lambdabot's directory to dot-ghci
$ vi dot-ghci

-- Build
$ chmod +x Setup.hs
$ ./Setup.hs configure --prefix=/home/dons
$ ./Setup.hs build
$ ./Setup.hs install

-- Add dot-ghci to your default ghci setup. Change setLambdabotHome
-- according to where your lambdabot is.
$ cat dot-ghci >> ~/.ghci


$ ghci

Prelude GOA> :bs

Pointfree refactoring

Prelude GOA> :pl \f x y -> x * y
const (*)

Search for functions
Prelude GOA> :index const

Search for documentation
Prelude GOA> :docs Prelude

Find source
Prelude GOA> :source Prelude

Search by name
Prelude GOA> :hoogle const
Prelude.const :: a -> b -> a

Search by type
Prelude GOA> :hoogle a -> [a] -> a
Prelude.foldl :: (a -> b -> a) -> a -> [b] -> a
Prelude.foldr :: (a -> b -> b) -> b -> [a] -> b
Data.List.foldl' :: (a -> b -> a) -> a -> [b] -> a


Define new commands with:

:def command lambdabot "lambdabot-command-name"


The documentation ought to be compliant with the specification of
khjk-structured-text by Sven Moritz Hallberg <http://www.khjk.org/~sm/>.


[Lambdabot]: <http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~dons/lambdabot/>.
[khjk-structured-text]: If you want to produce HTML documentation.

Additional Fun

Look in fcgi for a fastcgi binding for lambdabot.

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