Google Maps Geocoding API bindings

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BSD3 licensed by Mike Pilgrem
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The Google Maps Geocoding API provides a direct way to access geocoding and reverse geocoding services via an HTTP request. This library package provides bindings in Haskell to that API.

NB: The use of the API's services is subject to the Google Maps APIs Terms of Service, which terms restrict the use of content (eg no use without a Google map).

This package has no connection with Google Inc. or its affiliates.


  • Depend on more recent version of google-static-maps and servant packages and, consequently, servant-client and aeson packages

  • Implement reverse (back) geocoding (backGeocode)

  • Implement components, bounds, language and region optional parameters

  • Change latitude/longitude type to LatLng from Location

  • Move geocode from the end of the base URL to the start of the API type

  • Depend on package google-static-maps for common types Key and Location and function googleMapsApis

  • Changes to documentation only

  • Launch implementation. The components and optional parameters in a geocoding request are not yet implemented. The reverse geocoding request is not yet implemented
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