Bindings to the Google Static Maps API

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BSD3 licensed by Mike Pilgrem
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The Google Static Maps API returns a map as an image via an HTTP request. This library provides bindings in Haskell to that API.

NB: The use of the Google Static Maps API services is subject to the Google Maps APIs Terms of Service, which terms restrict the use of content.

This package has no connection with Google Inc. or its affiliates.


  • Update dependencies for GHC 8.4.3

  • Update dependencies for GHC 8.2.1 and relax lower bounds

  • Depend on more recent version of servant package and, consequently, servant-client, aeson and cryptonite packages

  • Implement language and region parameters

  • Implement digital signatures

  • Fix bug in instance of ToHttpApiData for Location

  • Rename certain constructors of Element type to avoid name clashes (Geometry and Labels)

  • Move functions and types of anticipated common use to module Web.Google.Maps.Common

  • Implement signature and custom marker icons

  • Move staticmap from the end of the base URL to the start of the API type

  • Modify Show instances for certain types (Element, Feature, MarkerColor, PathColor, StdColor, Visibility)

  • Launch implementation. Not yet implemented: certain optional parameters (language, region and signature); address locations; non-PNG image formats; custom marker icons; and encoded polyline paths
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