Core of FRP game engine called Gore&Ash https://github.com/Teaspot-Studio/gore-and-ash

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BSD3 licensed by Anton Gushcha, Levon Oganyan
Maintained by ncrashed@gmail.com


Core package of game engine called Gore&Ash. The engine has following features:

  • based on arrowised FRP (netwire)

  • provides high-modularity and reusability. Actually the core can only compose modules that extends engine capabilities.

  • actor based style of programming, see gore-and-ash-actor module.

  • network API over UDP with user controlled reliability, see gore-and-ash-network module.

  • synchronization EDSL that greately simplifies complexity of client-server programming, see gore-and-ash-sync module.

  • input module via SDL2 library, see gore-and-ash-sdl module.

For complete proof-of-concept, see gore-and-ash-demo repo that contains implementation of simple game.

Making your own module

You can generate backbone of core module with stack:

stack new gore-and-ash-testtemp ./gore-and-ash-module.hsfiles -p module-name:TestTemp -p module-name-lower:testtemp --solver


  • Added CHANGELOG.md and extra-source-files to cabal file.
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