Haskell GPIO interface, designed specifically for the RaspberryPi.

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BSD3 licensed by Tyler Olson
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Haskell GPIO interface, designed specifically for the RaspberryPi.

This library also ships with an executable for directly running gpio commands. Note: when using the executable there are less guarantees about the current state of a pin. For example, when using the library we can be sure that an ActivePin 'Out has already been initialized and configured for writing values, when using the executable we are less sure, and therefore errors might occur.

Note: this package has limited functionality, might be buggy and is not optimized. It works for simple read/write operations on a few pre-defined pins, but still needs a lot more testing.


  • Remove runLineHack when reading GPIO value files.
  • Optimize file reading to only look at first char.
  • Support other pin modes (in/out/up/down/pwm)
  • Support edges
  • Look into GPIO supported file watching
  • Add all pin numbers
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