Present the module dependencies of a program as a "dot" graph.

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BSD3 licensed by Iavor S. Diatchki

This package contains a program that computes "dot" graphs from the dependencies of a number of Haskell modules.


  • Version 1.3

    • Corrects collapsing logic.
    • Change node coloring in clusters:
      • Clusters are displayed with various shades of gray
      • Nodes in a cluster are all the same color
    • Change to clustering logic: by default, a module that has the same name as a cluster will be rendered inside the cluster. One can tell that the module is different because it will still have the color of modules from the cluster “above”. Also, the module has a border to empahsize the difference. This behavior may be disabled using --no-module-in-cluster
  • Version 1.2.9

    • Support for Cabal: if we find a cabal file, we add all modules in it
    • Render {-# SOURCE #-} imports specially.
  • Version 1.2.7 Correct the prunning logic.

  • Version 1.2.6

    Add support for parsing GHC’s .import files. These may be produced by running GHC with -ddump-minimal-imports

  • Version 1.2.5

    Add support for pruning the dependecy graph.

  • Version 1.2.3

    [Collapse Modules] The flag --collapse-module (-C for short) adds a new mode of collapsing multiples nodes into a single one. This is similar to --collapse except that the parameter can refer either to a module name, or to a module prefix. So, for example, --collapse-module=A.B will use a single node for the module A.B (if there is one), as well as for any module that starts with the prefix A.B (e.g., A.B.C).

    “Collapsed” nodes are represented with a box.

    Collapsed nodes corresponding to modules have a border, while ones which correspond to just a prefix do not have a border.

    [Color Schemes] The flag --colors (-s for short) enables users to choose from a set of predefined color schemes.

  • Version 1.2.2

    [Show Version] The flag --version (-v for short) shows graphmod’s version.

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