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Haskell GraphQL

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For now this only provides the data types to represent the GraphQL AST, but the idea is to be a Haskell port of graphql-js. Next releases should include:

  • [x] GraphQL AST
  • [x] Parser for the GraphQL language. See TODO for limitations.
  • [x] Printer for GraphQL. This is not pretty yet.
  • [ ] GraphQL Schema AST.
  • [ ] Parser for the GraphQL Schema language.
  • [ ] Printer for the GraphQL Schema language.
  • [ ] Interpreter of GraphQL requests.
  • [ ] Utilities to define GraphQL types and schema.

See the TODO file for more concrete tasks.


Suggestions, contributions and bug reports are welcome.

Feel free to contact on Slack in #haskell on GraphQL. You can obtain an invitation here.


Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

0.3 - 2015-09-22


  • Exact match numeric types to spec.
  • Names follow now the spec.
  • AST slightly different for better readability or easier parsing.
  • Replace golden test for test to validate parsing/encoding.


  • Parsing errors in all cases where Alternative is used.
  • GraphQL encoder.


  • Expect braces inputValueDefinitions instead of parens when parsing.

0.2.1 - 2015-09-16


  • Include data files for golden tests in Cabal package.
  • Support for ghc-7.8.

0.2 - 2015-09-14


  • Rudimentary parser for GraphQL which successfully parses the sample file kitchen-sink.graphql from graphql-js tests.
  • Golden test for kitchen-sink.grahql parsing.


  • Many optional data types in GraphQl didn't need to be wrapped in a Maybe.
  • Some newtypes became type synonyms for easier parsing.

0.1 - 2015-09-12


  • Data types for the GraphQL language.

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