GRASP implementation for the AMMM project.

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Jan Mas Rovira

Brief summary

This is part of the final project for the AMMM (MIRI, FIB-UPC) subject. It contains the random instance generator plus all the GRASP part.

It is hosted at

This package includes:

  • A polymorphic GRASP implementation.

  • A random instance generator for the AM3 project.

  • The AM3 folder contains the code specific to the final project for the Algorithmic Methods for Mathematical Models subject (Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics, FIB-UPC).


Make sure to read the documentation of all the modules listed below.

Specifically, the contents of each module (sorted by relevance to the project) are:

  1. GRASP: A polymorphic parameterizable implementation of a Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedure (GRASP). The idea is taken from this paper: It does not contain anything that is specific to the AM3 project.

  2. AM3.Solution: Contains all the specific functions to the solution of an instance of the AM3 project.

  3. AM3.RandomInstance: A parameterizable random generator of instances.

  4. AM3.Instance: An instance of the problem. It also provides useful functions that have to do with constructing, querying, importing, exporting... an instance.

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