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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Brett Letner
Introducing the grm compiler construction tool. Grm takes a grammar
specification and generates Haskell bindings. Grm is essentially a
simplified bnfc which only generates Haskell (bnfc

Given a grammar the tool produces:
- an abstract syntax implementation
- a Happy parser generator file
- a pretty-printer

Grm also has some library code for lexing and misc. language
development tasks (e.g. unique identifiers).

I use grm heavily in my pec language
compiler. ( and on hackage). You can
check out pec for example grm usage.

- type 'make'
- resolve all hackage dependencies
- type 'make' again

You can download and install grm via cabal or access the git
repository on github (

Any feedback on the design and/or implementation of grm would be
greatly appreciated :)

brettletner at gmail dot com
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