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LGPL licensed and maintained by John W. Lato
hCsound - Haskell interface to the Csound API.

Enable control of Csound from the Haskell language.

Requirements: a haskell compiler (currently tested with GHC 6.10.x) and a working Csound installation (Csound >= 5.08 && <= 6.0).

In the simplest case, this program can be built in the standard cabal manner, as below:
> cabal configure -O2
> cabal build
> cabal install

The default is to build against 64-bit csound. The flag useDouble controls whether the library is built against 32-bit or 64-bit csound. Disable this flag (with -f-useDouble) to link to 32-bit csound.

Installing on Unix/Linux: if Csound is in a non-standard location, you may need to specify the location during the configure step.
> cabal configure -O2 --extra-include-dirs="/path/to/headers" --extra-lib-dirs="/path/to/libs"

Installing on Windows: hCsound has been successfully built on Windows, but I have frequently had problems with the linker included in GHC and the csound DLL. Your best bet is to use MinGW. Please contact the hCsound maintainer for further assistance.

Installing on Mac: if Csound was installed using the mac installer, hCsound will link to the installed frameworks. If you have self-compiled csound and installed to a non-standard location (i.e. other than /Libraries/Frameworks/CsoundLib.framework and /Libraries/Frameworks/CsoundLib64.framework), use the flag -f-useFramework to disable linking to the frameworks. In this case you will need to specify the header and library paths using --extra-include-dirs and --extra-lib-dirs if they aren't in the default locations.
> cabal configure -O2 -f-useFramework --extra-include-dirs="/path/to/headers" --extra-lib-dirs="/path/to/libs"


Changes since version 2.0:
- Added new type synonym, UIntPtrT. This type is used by
CsoundCreateThread and CsoundJoinThread as the ThreadId. jwlato,
- much improved build system, made possible by improved c2hs and
cabal. jwlato, 2009/02/19.
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