Fast command line tools for working with Hadoop. http://github.com/jystic/hadoop-tools

Latest on Hackage:1.0.1

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Apache-2.0 licensed by Jacob Stanley, Conrad Parker, Luke Clifton
Maintained by Jacob Stanley

hh - Blazing fast interaction with HDFS

These tools support v9 of the Hadoop RPC protocol (CDH 5.x and above).

hh cat     - Print the contents of a file to stdout
hh cd      - Change working directory
hh chmod   - Change permissions
hh du      - Show the amount of space used by file or directory
hh find    - Recursively search a directory tree
hh get     - Get a file
hh ls      - List the contents of a directory
hh mkdir   - Create a directory in the specified location
hh pwd     - Print working directory
hh rm      - Delete a file or directory
hh mv      - Rename a file or directory
hh version - Show version information
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