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MIT licensed by Donnacha Oisín Kidney
Maintained by mail@doisinkidney.com

Module for adding series functionality to hakyll.

Example here.

In your posts, provide metadata at the top like so:

title: something
series: things

This will add the following fields to the post:

The name of the series
The total number of posts in the series
The position of the current post in the series
The URL of the series page

Using that, in your post template, something like this:

    <a href="$seriesUrl$">Part $seriesCurPos$ of a $seriesLength$-part series on $series$</a>

Will render like this:

Part 1 of a 5-part series on things

Linked to the aggregate page for the series, which would render something like this:

Part 1: something

To add it to your blog, add something like this to your main:

series <- buildSeries "posts/*" (fromCapture "series/*.html")

tagsRules series $ \(s:erie) pattrn -> do
    let title = toUpper s : erie
    route idRoute
    compile $ do
        posts <- chronological =<< loadAll pattrn
        let ctx = constField "title" title `mappend`
                  listField "posts" postCtx (pure posts) `mappend`

        makeItem ""
            >>= loadAndApplyTemplate "templates/series.html" ctx
            >>= loadAndApplyTemplate "templates/default.html" ctx
            >>= relativizeUrls

To have access to the series context in each post, change the post rule to something like this:

match "posts/*" $ do
    route $ setExtension "html"
    compile $ pandocCompiler
        >>= loadAndApplyTemplate "templates/post.html"    (postCtxWithSeries series)
        >>= loadAndApplyTemplate "templates/default.html" (postCtxWithSeries series)
        >>= relativizeUrls

Where postCtxWithSeries can be something like:

postCtxWithSeries :: Tags -> Context String
postCtxWithSeries series = seriesField series `mappend` postCtx

A minimal example is provided in this repo, on top of the default hakyll setup. (it also provides the templates)

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