looks for functions given a set of example input/outputs

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GPL-2 licensed by Paul Brauner Jun Inoue
Maintained by polux2001@gmail.com


Search for haskell functions in installed libraries by providing input/output examples.


Hoogle has to be installed.


Example session 1:

brauner@worf:~$ haltavista
2 2 4

Prelude (*)
Prelude (+)
Prelude (^)

Example session 2 (refining search 1):

brauner@worf:~$ haltavista
2 2 4
1 2 3

Prelude (+)

Example session 3 (higher-order functions):

brauner@worf:~$ haltavista 
(+1) (+2) (1,1) (2,3)

Data.Graph.Inductive.Query.Monad (><)


Under the hood, uses:

  • hint for type inference;
  • hoogle to get a list of candidate functions;
  • hint for testing.

Hoogle calling facility has been copy-pasted (and later modified) from the Yi project.


  • catch stack overflows (is that possible?)
  • catch other errors (should do but doesn't for some reason)
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