HandleLike class

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Yoshikuni Jujo

A tiny package. It's contain the following class.

class HandleLike h where
    type HandleMonad h
    type DebugLevel h
    hlPut :: h -> ByteString -> HandleMonad h ()
    hlGet :: h -> Int -> HandleMonad h ByteString
    hlGetByte :: h -> HandleMonad h Word8
    hlGetLine :: h -> HandleMonad h ByteString
    hlGetContent :: h -> HandleMonad h ByteString
    hlFlush :: h -> HandleMonad h ()
    hlClose :: h -> HandleMonad h ()
    hlDebug :: h -> DebugLevel h -> HandleMonad h ()
    hlError :: h -> ByteString -> HandleMonad h a

Minimal complete difinition: HandleMonad, hlPut, hlGet and hlClose.

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