Utilities for using YUI3 with Happstack.

Latest on Hackage:7373.5.3

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BSD-3-Clause licensed
Maintained by [email protected]

Bundles YUI 3.7.3 and includes a "combo handler" for use in Happstack which concatenates YUI modules server-side to send in a single HTTP request. The YUI bundle can be embedded in compiled code with Template Haskell (install with -fembed) which means the files are served directly from memory, and also that you can compile and deploy a single executable without having to worry about deploying the YUI files as well.

The benefits of using this over the Yahoo! CDN is that you can work offline and that you can host YUI yourself without sacrificing the benefits of "combo loading".

The versioning scheme of this package is that the first part is the targeted Happstack series plus the bundled YUI version, such that 7351 means "Happstack 7, YUI 3.5.1". The second part is the major version of this package itself, as defined by the Package Versioning Policy.

The package also includes some utilities for working with the YUI CSS modules and for using HSX to create YUI Node objects with JMacro. In a future release, the plan is to add more utilities, for example a combo handler for YUI modules written using JMacro, tools for making it easier to work with modules like Uploader and Pjax and a quasi-quoter for compile-time syntax checked YQL queries.

For an example application, see: