Low level bindings for Groonga.

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LGPL-2.1 licensed by cosmo0920


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Low level Haskell binding for Groonga.


  • Groonga 4.1.1+
  • hsc2hs
  • and some cabal packages (see: haroonga.cabal)

export module(s)

  • Bindings.Groonga
  • Bindings.Groonga.Raw
  • Bindings.Groonga.Raw.Plugin
  • Bindings.Groonga.Raw.Tokenizer
  • Bindings.Groonga.CommandAPI
  • Bindings.Groonga.Types

How to install

Install Groonga. For example, if you use Ubuntu Linux, see: http://groonga.org/docs/install/ubuntu.html#lts-precise-pangolin

And then,

$ cabal install haroonga

Support Platform

  • Currently, Haroonga supports platform which has pkg-config command only.
    • Linux
    • Mac OSX

Windows installation (for advanced users) experimental

  • Install Groonga windows binary (e.g. C:\groonga)
  • And type following command:

    > cabal install --extra-include-dirs='C:\groonga\include\groonga' --extra-lib-dirs='C:\groonga\lib'


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