Utility to generate bindings for BlackBerry Cascades http://github.com/singpolyma/haskades

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OtherLicense licensed and maintained by Stephen Paul Weber
Autogeneration of bindings for creating BlackBerry Cascades apps
with Haskell back ends.

Run as:

> ./haskades HaskadesBinding.hs haskades_run.cpp haskades_run.h < Types.hs

Where Types.hs is a Haskell file containing a a sum type declaration
named 'SignalToUI' and another named 'SignalFromUI' which fully
specify the communication possible between the UI layer (which you
write in QML) and the Haskell backend. QML code can access these
signals on the 'app' context object. Haskell code can emit
signals by using the 'emit' function exported from the generated
HaskadesBinding. The 'emit' call is threadsafe.

Text, Lazy Text, and String all end up as QString so that QML can
work with them properly, and vice-versa. UTCTime becomes QDateTime.
Int, Double, and () are passed through fairly directly. Other types
may have support added as there is need.

A simple example lives at <https://github.com/singpolyma/haskades-sample>
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