Class interface for working with Haskeline http://community.haskell.org/~aslatter/code/haskeline-class

Latest on Hackage:0.6.2

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BSD3 licensed by Antoine Latter
Maintained by Antoine Latter

Haskeline provides all of its functionality within the scope of a monad transformer. This module adds two pieces to this:

  • Introduced here is a type-class which defines the operations supported by the Haskeline monad transformer - MonadHaskeline

  • A newtype wrapper around Haskeline's InputT, called HaskelineT. Sadly, InputT defines ints own instance of the mtl MonadState, which is no good for folks wanting to use InputT in an existing monad transformer stack.

HaskelineT also has an instance of MonadState, but it merely lifts the functions further in the transformer stack.

Large portions of the Haskeline functionality are re-exported here for convinience.

Note on build-dependencies: If you've succesfully built this with any packages other than the ones noted, please let me know.

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