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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Christopher Goes
Maintained by cwgoes@protonmail.ch

Haskell ABCI Server Library

Haskell library for writing Application BlockChain Interface (ABCI) servers. Licensed under BSD 3-clause (see LICENSE).


Available as a library on Hackage.

If you’re using Stack, simply add haskell-abci to the build-depends in your project’s Cabal file.

If you’re using Cabal directly, cabal install haskell-abci should do the trick.

This library exposes a request-response API. Usage is simple:

  1. Import the library
import qualified Network.ABCI as ABCI
  1. Define your application (for more information, see the ABCI application development documentation)

    See the example counter app for a template.

app :: ABCI.Request -> IO ABCI.Response
app = undefined
  1. Specify a host and port on which to bind the ABCI server, or use the defaults
host :: String
host = ABCI.defaultHost

port :: Int
port = ABCI.defaultPort
  1. Launch the server
run :: IO ()
run = ABCI.serve host port app

Development / Testing

You’ll need Stack and a relatively recent version of protobuf.

git clone https://github.com/cwgoes/haskell-abci.git
cd haskell-abci
stack build --install-ghc

Note that src/types.proto is used to generate a Haskell interface file whenever you run stack build.

Optionally, to also install the example counter application (haskell-abci-counter) in ~/.local/bin:

stack install

Once you’ve installed haskell-abci-counter, to run the counter example application with the standard ABCI Golang tests: (note that you’ll need ~/.local/bin on your shell path and Tendermint installed)

git clone https://github.com/tendermint/abci.git
cd abci/tests/test_app
ABCI_APP="haskell-abci-counter" go run ./*.go
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