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MIT licensed and maintained by Sebastian Galkin


Interpreter for the brainfuck programming language

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haskel-brainfuck is distributed as a library, but it also includes an executable to run brainfuck programs. You can find haskell-brainfuck in Hackage



import HaskBF.Eval
import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy as BS
import Control.Monad.State

main = do
  -- The following will evaluate the file using stdin and stdout for I/O.
  -- Evaluation results in an EvalResult

  file <- BS.readFile "/path/to/file.bf"
  (EvalSuccess _) <- evalBS defaultIOMachine file
  print "ok"

  -- The following will evaluate the file using the State monad and input
  -- provided by input

  let input  = []
      output = []
      result = execState (evalStr simulatorMachine "+.>-.") (SimState input output)
  print $ simStateOutput result == [1, -1]


brainfuck fib.bf


You can run the test suite with

cabal test



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