A type checker for Haskell/haskell-src-exts http://code.haskell.org/haskell-type-exts

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BSD3 licensed by Niklas Broberg
Maintained by Niklas Broberg

Haskell Types with Extensions (HTE, haskell-type-exts) is (an embryo of) a type checker for Haskell as embodied syntactically by the haskell-src-exts (HSE) package. At this point the type checker only handles a limited number of extensions, both regarding the various syntactic extensions handled by HSE, and the various type-level extensions implemented in e.g. GHC. The goal is to cover the full range of known Haskell extensions, but every path starts with a first step.


==> 0.1.0

* First version of the package.
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