Rebuild Haskell dependencies in Gentoo https://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Gentoo#haskell-updater

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GPL licensed by Ivan Lazar Miljenovic, Lennart Kolmodin, Stephan Friedrichs, Emil Karlson
Maintained by haskell@gentoo.org

haskell-updater rebuilds Haskell packages on Gentoo after a GHC upgrade or a dependency upgrade. haskell-updater is written so as to use only GHC's boot libraries so as to have no external dependencies. This version is for: GHC-6.12 + Cabal-1.8, GHC-7.0 + Cabal-1.10, GHC-7.2 + Cabal-1.12, GHC-7.4 + Cabal-1.14, GHC-7.6 + Cabal-1.16, GHC-7.6 + Cabal-1.18, GHC-7.8 + Cabal-1.18, GHC-7.10 + Cabal-1.22, GHC-8.0.1_rc1 + Cabal-

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