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BSD3 licensed by Klara Marntirosian


This package was created in the context of the GRACeFUL project.

The haskelzinc library defines an interface to the MiniZinc constraint proramming language. It provides

  • a Haskell abstract syntax tree for the MiniZinc language, with which one can represent MiniZinc models in Haskell
  • a human-friendly DSL for building MiniZinc model representations
  • a pretty printer to print the representation of a MiniZinc model in MiniZinc
  • a parser that returns a representation of the solutions obtained by running the MiniZinc model
  • a set of functions useful for building a custom FlatZinc solutions parser.

An additional module gives the possibility to directly get the solutions of a MiniZinc finite domain model. Option for interactive interface is provided, as well as choice between two solvers: the G12/FD built-in solver of FlatZinc and choco3.


  • GHC 7.10.3 or 8
  • MiniZinc 2.0 or 2.1


To use choco solver, also required:

  • JDK 8+
  • The following jar files (can be also found in the choco/ directory of the haskelzinc repo)
    • choco_solver (with dependencies) [http://choco-solver.org/Download?q=releases]
    • choco_parser [https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/releases/org/choco-solver/choco-parsers/3.3.3/]
    • ANTLR >4.5.2 java runtime binaries [http://www.antlr.org/download.html]


This library is available on hackage. Use cabal install.


  1. Create a file HZconf/conf.txt in the same directory level where you want to run your code.
  2. Fill in the corresponding paths by adding the equal sign (=) and the correct path.
    • MINIZINC_DIR: the directory where mzn2fzn and flatzinc executables are located
    • CHOCO_PARSER: the path of the choco parser java library
    • CHOCO_SOLVER: the path of the choco solver java library
    • ANTLR: the path of the antlr java library


MINIZINC_DIR = path/to/dir

Not yet supported

  • MiniZinc enumerated types
  • Set constraints with the choco solver

- Added support for annotations
- Structural changes in the representational system of MiniZinc models
- Module Interfaces.MZAST renamed to Interfaces.MZASTBase
- Module Interfaces.MZAST used for a more human friendly interface for building
representations of MiniZinc models.
- Module Interfaces.MZBuiltIns added. Contains haskelzinc represenatation of predefined MiniZinc
operators, functions, tests, predicates and annotations.
- Module Interfaces.FZSolutionParser provides parsers useful for building custom solutions'
parsers, in case a MiniZinc output item alters the default format of the solutions.
- Compatibility with GHC 8.0.1 tested (and passed)
- Added support for returning specified number of solutions
- Interactive interface of iTestModel improved
- Skips writing .mzn file
- Parses solutions directly, instead of writing into and reading from a file
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