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GPL licensed by Paul Hudak, Henning Thielemann
Maintained by Henning Thielemann

Haskore Music System

This is a revised and extended version of Haskore from


which evolved from the February 2000 release, available from:


The features are:
- music can be composed by programming Haskell
- the music is output into MIDI files, CSound, or SuperCollider,
or even rendered to an audio stream with http://darcs.haskell.org/synthesizer/
- CSound instruments can generated by programming Haskell, as well

- all modules can be used with GHC,
and many of them with Hugs

For more details, refer to the Tutorial.

For installation we recommend Cabal.

$ ./Setup.lhs configure --user
$ ./Setup.lhs build
$ ./Setup.lhs haddock
$ ./Setup.lhs install

This way you have a usable Haskore installation.

However most modules are written in literate style with LaTeX markup.
There are no Haddock comments.
You can build a PDF file which introduces you to the internals of Haskore.
However it got a bit out of sync over the time,
many parts are now extracted into separate packages.
You can build the documentation using

$ make pdf


Certainly you will want to try some examples.
To this end you must have installed CSound or a MIDI player, respectively.

$ make ghci # interactive session in GHC
$ make hugs # interactive session in Hugs
*Main> :load Haskore.Interface.CSound.Tutorial
*Haskore.Interface.CSound.Tutorial> test tut13
*Main> :load Haskore.Interface.MIDI.Render Haskore.Example.ChildSong6
*Haskore.Interface.MIDI.Render> playTimidity Haskore.Example.ChildSong6.song

You can choose other MIDI players. Type

*Haskore.Interface.MIDI.Render> :browse Haskore.Interface.MIDI.Render

to see the alternatives.

If you like to play via SuperCollider,
install the haskore-supercollider package
from http://darcs.haskell.org/haskore-supercollider
and continue with its Readme file.

Send requests, questions and comments to
the original author of Haskore: Paul Hudak <paul.hudak@yale.edu>
and the reviser: Henning Thielemann <haskore@henning-thielemann.de>
and for more discussion: http://lists.lurk.org/mailman/listinfo/haskell-art
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