Haskore back-end for SuperCollider http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/SuperCollider

Latest on Hackage:0.3

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LicenseRef-GPL licensed and maintained by Henning Thielemann
We assume that we have successfully installed haskore-supercollider
and all of its dependencies.
Now, how do we get something to hear?

When SuperCollider and JACK are available, but not currently running,
start 'jack' with

$ make jack

and SuperCollider (scsynth) with

$ make supercollider

or both together

$ make scj

If SuperCollider server is running,
then start Haskore (make ghci) in a new terminal:

*Main> :load Haskore.Interface.SuperCollider.Example
*Haskore.Interface.SuperCollider.Example> play glissando
*Haskore.Interface.SuperCollider.Example> play chillOut

*Main> :load Haskore.Interface.SuperCollider.Play.Life
*Haskore.Interface.SuperCollider.Play.Life> sawPerc <- installInstr0 "saw percussion" Example.sawPercUGen
*Haskore.Interface.SuperCollider.Play.Life> playKeyboard sawPerc

Then hit some keys, terminate with CTRL-D.
However, playing will only work as expected on a German keyboard.
Create a string like germanKeyboard for your needs and use this instead.

If you installed the package with Cabal
a program 'song-air' is compiled which plays a nice demo song
using Haskore and SuperCollider (scsynth must be running).
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