Haskell cash-flow and tax simulation http://johannesgerer.com/hax

Latest on Hackage:0.0.2

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MIT licensed by Johannes Gerer
Maintained by Johannes Gerer


A library for cash-flow and tax simulations. The type system is used to ensure correctness e.g. of double-entry accounting, and the correct calculation of taxes. The use of Haskell’s do-notation and type-classes permit an almost verbatim translation of the tax code into the program.

It currently includes personal income tax (Einkommensteuer), corporate tax (Körperschaftsteuer) and trade/business tax (Gewerbesteuer), but could easily be extended to other legal systems


stack runghc -- -isrc src/main

will produce a folder named html containing the results of the HAX.Example that commes with this library. The look at the full ledger in html/index.html or the charts static/charts.html.


The docs on Hackage are quite comprehensive (with some parts in German).





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