A Digital Ocean client in Haskell

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MIT licensed by Arnaud Bailly
Maintained by Arnaud Bailly

HDO: A HAskell Digital Ocean Client

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WARNING This implementation still covers only a small subset of DO API

This is a Digital Ocean client written in Haskell. It can be used either as a library or as command-line utility.


stack setup stack build


First export the AUTH_TOKEN: export AUTH_TOKEN=2342342341234eaf

List existing droplets: stack exec docean -- droplets list

List existing regions: stack exec docean -- regions list

Implemented commands:

droplets create
droplets destroy <dropletId>
droplets list
droplets power_off <dropletId>
droplets power_on  <dropletId>
droplets snapshot  <dropletId> <snapshotName>
droplets action    <dropletId> <actionId>
droplets <dropletId> snapshots
droplets <dropletId>
droplets ssh <dropletId or Name>
images list
regions list
keys list
sizes list
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