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The Explicit Closures of Haskell Distributed Parallel Haskell

Haskell distributed parallel Haskell (HdpH) is a Haskell DSL for parallel computation on distributed-memory architectures. HdpH is implemented entirely in Haskell but does make use of a few GHC extensions, most notably TemplateHaskell.

HpdH uses explicit closures to communicate serialised thunks across the network. This package exports the fully polymorphic explicit closure representation of HdpH, for use by HdpH or other packages.

HdpH, including the explicit closure representation, is described in some detail in the paper Implementing a High-level Distributed-Memory Parallel Haskell in Haskell.

This release is considered alpha stage.

Building HdpH explicit closure support

Should be straightforward from the cabalised package hdph-closure.


  1. Patrick Maier, Phil Trinder. Implementing a High-level Distributed-Memory Parallel Haskell in Haskell. Proc. 2011 Symposium on Implementation and Application of Functional Languages (IFL 2011), Springer LNCS 7257, pp. 35-50.

  2. HdpH development repository on github.

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