Creates a header for a haskell source file. https://github.com/aka-bash0r/headergen

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MIT licensed by Nils 'bash0r' Jonsson
Maintained by aka.bash0r@gmail.com


An application written in Haskell for generating headers for Haskell source files.


Usage: headergen {help [all|COMMAND]|init|create LANGUAGE TEMPLATE MODULE}

headergen create LANGUAGE TEMPLATE MODULE * creates a new module in current working directory. headergen init * initializes a new .headergen.def. headergen help * shows this help information headergen help COMMAND * shows detailed help information

Supported Languages

As for now only Haskell is supported. It is planned to implement support for more languages in future releases.


  • Extract help message interface from command module level to avoid mutual recursion over module level.
  • Implement reading of cabal files instead of using own setting files.
  • Implement a parser for updating existing source files.
  • Implement reading of file associations from file.
  • Implement support for more languages.


  • Implemented templating engine.
  • Added two basic templates.

  • Fixed a bug in the build scripts causing build of to fail.

  • Refactored all of the code and extracted major portions to own modules.
  • Implemented command “help” for detailed help information.

  • Implemented creation of a .headergen.def
  • Implemented creation of new files via .headergen.def


This is a mere prototype providing basic functionalities. It’s only use is to provide it’s functionality for further development of headergen. You can use it but it won’t be very pleasing to use as it’s feature of automatic updating headers in existing files is not implementet yet. Also the sources are very unstructured and not splitted over several modules.

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