A device independent module music mixer

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BSD3 licensed by Patai Gergely
Maintained by Patai Gergely (patai.gergely@gmail.com)

Hemkay (An M.K. Player Whose Name Starts with an H) is a simple music module player that performs all the mixing in Haskell. It supports the popular ProTracker format and some of its variations with different numbers of channels.

This package contains the mixing routines, which can be reused in any application. The output can be written into a file or played back in real time.


0.1.4 - 110407
* improved mixToBuffer performance (~15% speedup)

0.1.3 - 101228
* improved mixToBuffer performance (2x speedup)

0.1.2 - 100327
* fixed a volume glitch when no instrument is given along with the note

0.1.1 - 091220
* fixed a potential crash when the end of a sample is reached

0.1.0 - 091220
* initial release
* added haddock documentation
* improved performance over initial Hemkay release
* alternative ways to generate mixer output: unfoldr style or straight to buffer
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