A genetic programming based on tree structure. https://github.com/t3476/heukarya

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BSD3 licensed by He-chien Tsai
Maintained by depot051@gmail.com

It based on Data.Dynamic and tree container, so that Gene can represent both haskell functions and syntax trees by type connstructors. since it also supports higher order functions by multiple way type parsing, there's no need to have any variable in Gene's Tree structure.

take a look at module AI.Heukarya.Center first

AI.Heukarya.Gene : Abstract Gene manipulation and Typeclass for implementing data types under tree structure

AI.Heukarya.Jungle : Operating Collections of Gene

AI.Heukarya.Center : Module which wraps main functionality for library using

AI.Heukarya.Gene.Dynamic : one of Gene's implementation. since it's impossible to save checkpoints if using Data.Dynamic directly, a symbolic wrapper around dynamic is provied inside

AI.Heukarya.Gene.Dynamic.Double : a sample geneList of operators of Double precision numbers

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