Flash debugger

Latest on Hackage:0.0.2

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BSD3 licensed by Yuras Shumovich
Maintained by shumovichy@gmail.com



hfd is a console debugger for flash applications. It is written in Haskell.

hfd vs fdb

Flash debugger, included into flex sdk (fdb) lacks good readline interface. Also it very often fails (and even crashes) when printing properties (at least linux version). So the idea is to create flash debugger with user friendly interface and good properties support.


You need Haskell Platform to install hfd.

$ cd hfd
$ cabal update
$ cabal install

Current state

hfd supports most of basic debugger features

  • set, list, delete breakpoints
  • execution control: continue, step, next, finish
  • inspect variable
  • inspect properties (call getters)
  • break on exception
  • show call stack
  • list source code (currently only around current position)
  • haskeline user interface (commands history, basic completion)

Features, that are not implemented still

  • improved listing of source code
  • walk through call stack
  • enable/disable breakpoints
  • conditional breakpoints
  • expression evaluation
  • set variables
  • print arguments when printing call stack
  • improved completion
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