Hess-Smith panel code for inviscid 2-d airfoil analysis

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BSD3 licensed by Greg Horn

Library and command line REPL with plotting to do simple inviscid hess-smith panel code.

Features include:

  • Cheap and shameless xfoil ripoff for relp/plotting interface

  • Naca 4-series support with Gauss-Newton paneling

  • Broken UIUC database integration (type "uiuc [foilname]")

  • Haskeline interface with tab-completion (oooh)

  • Single and multi-element airfoils

  • Inviscid, incompressible, 2-dimensional flow only

To get started, do cabal install or whatever, then run the "hfoil" binary.

Things to try: "naca 2412", "alfa 4", (hit enter before entering another airfoil), "load [filename]", "uiuc e330"

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